This Image Is the Registered Trademark / Logo for EMWDESIGNS®, a graphic design and custom illustration company. @ 2001 - 2016. By Eric Walker.

EMWDESIGNSis a creative service empowered to maximize your brand engagement. W,E utilize subject-oriented solutions achieving mass marketing concepts via small business value. We specialize in brand identity development, print, web solutions, customized illustrations, photography, and MACHOMURALS: image space contributed to throughout North America.  We are unique in that we have conquered the demands of local, niche marketing with universal, and multi-media solutions.

Our style is simple: sleek, stylish, elegant & chic designs that are realistic, innovative, and detail-oriented. Our inspiration is personable: emotional, social, spiritual, and physical; all of which are reflected in our campaigns. Whether your target demographic is local or beyond, EMWDESIGNS is a catalyst in providing  experienced, effective ideas. Give us the opportunity to maximize your brand awareness and influence by utilizing the personable and effective style of EMWDESIGNS!

“illustrating a future_reflective of our past”


Image Editing Collaboration

Published Photography

Billboard Design done by Eric Walker of EMWDESIGNS, for Hale Bob, of French West Inc.